Regarding NBA 2K17 MyTeam: How To Get The Handles Pack

Players have been harsh criticisming the 2K Sports’ latest themed card pack since its release earlier this week. If you want to fill out your NBA 2K17 MyTeam roster, and we all deem you should look elsewhere. Many players decided to buy NBA 2K17 MT PC.


Skip The Handles Pack For NBA 2K17 MyTeam

Many have complained about the pack’s steep 10k VC cost and the lackluster rewards it provides. One of its main draws, an 86-rated throwback version of 76ers legend Allen Iverson, doesn’t seem to have much use according to Reddit user FiendwOw.

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“the A.I [Allen Iverson] ratings are trash 70.3 ball 80 mid-range 78 pass 98 handles spose he is quite fast 96 speed 95 steal paired with a 87 driving layup might use for blacktop,” he says.

In another thread, user NachoChedda 24 was also unimpressed by the Handles Pack’s contents. “Can we decide as a community to just boycott these Handles packs I’m not about to blow 10K just to get some terrible bronze card,” reads his post.

Another factor that diminishes the packs’ effectiveness is the recent nerf to the Ankle-Breaker badge that arrived with patch 1.03. Several reports indicate that 2K may have gone overboard in balancing the perk. Currently, even the highest-rated ball handlers have issues shaking off by defenders post-update. In general, gamers have been preoccupied with purchasing NBA 2K17 MT.

You’re Better Off Spending NBA 2K17 MyTeam: Should You Get The Handles Pack

our VC on throw back packs instead. “I opened 3 boxes (63 packs including topper) and got 3 ruby’s, 6 sapphire’s and 22 emeralds. The odds are pretty good,” said Reddit user JDCrossover.

Hence, if you are indeed eager to get a classic version of the player, unless you’re a stubborn Allen Iverson, and it’s worth reminding that the handles Pack is not worth the investment. For more NBA 2K17 news and updates, keep it right here on:

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